Just Giving Challenge: It’s time to vote!

Just two more days ’til Christmas!  That means it’s time to select the recipient of our 2010 Just Giving Challenge matching grant.   We thought it would be fun to let everyone who’s participating in the Just Giving Challenge decide who gets the money.

Once again, here’s how it works:  For every person who takes our challenge to give as much to the poor as you spend on Christmas gifts, we’ll donate $100 to the organization of your choice. We’ve profiled four organizations, which you can link to below if you haven’t read them yet.

Then just vote!

On Christmas Day, we’ll send out our donation to the top vote-getter.  We’d love to hear your comments on why voted as you did.  They’re all excellent organizations, and we’ll feel great supporting whoever wins.

So far, there are 29 of us who have taken the Challenge.  Just one more, and we’ll reach $3000.00!  edit: We’re up to 31 participants for a total of $3100.00 in matching funds. Thanks everyone!

But if you haven’t, you can still join today by commenting at the bottom of this post.