50 – 60 Boston College students start “Global Poverty Impact”

In my work with college students with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, I modified the “Lazarus at the Gate” curriculum to be 8 weeks long.  The Asian Christian Fellowship at Boston College is using it now, and it’s been a lot of fun.  One student felt challenged to not go out to Chinese food every week, when he drops $10.  It’s encouraging to hear about other ways students are responding.  There are 7 – 8 non-Christians involved also.  Three of them approached me after the first session and said, “I’m really excited about this.  I think it’ll be really good for me!”  I think the more we combine social justice and evangelism, the stronger both will be.

Small Group Testimony

In this blog, one of our major goals is to create a space to hear people’s stories of living simply in order to give more generously.  So I was excited to randomly find this video, in which  a small group shares their experiences of a Lazarus at the Gate study. I really appreciate the way they took the time to share their testimonies and reflections.