Gary VanderPol is assistant professor and director of the Justice and Mission program at Denver Seminary. He has taught in a Costa Rican seminary, pastored in Boston, served as an urban minister in Oakland and taught 8th graders in Los Angeles. His dissertation at Boston University analyzed the growth of evangelical relief, development and justice work among the poor over the last sixty years. Groups using his and Mako Nagasawa’s Lazarus at the Gate curriculum have given more than a quarter of a million dollars to fight global poverty. He first learned about living simply from his mother, who would never buy name-brand cereal for the family. Now he eats kale but craves Captain Crunch. Gary and his wife Jodi have two kids–Isaiah (9) and Camila (7).

Mako Nagasawa met Jesus in late high school, in Mexicali, Mexico, and has struggled with money questions ever since.  He lives with his family in a Christian intentional community household in a challenging and beautiful lower-income neighborhood in Boston, MA.  He has been a campus minister in Boston with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 2001 where he enjoys seeing Jesus transform college students. Prior to this, he worked for Intel Corporation in project scheduling while living with and serving Mexican immigrant families in East Palo Alto, CA.  Mako and his wife Ming have two children, John (10) and Zoe (8).

Ed Chang is an imaging scientist in Silicon Valley.  His Chinese-American upbringing has prepared him well for simple living, but he is still working on the just giving part.  He believes that technology, like money, makes a good servant but a poor master.  Ed and his wife June recently had their first child, Jacob Ian.

Gary, Ed,  and Mako are the editors of Simple Living for Just Giving.

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