Simple Living for Just Giving is a blog that seeks to support a movement of Christians for whom the use of money is a deeply spiritual issue.  We are part of a far-flung faith community committed to impact the world around us through our day-to-day financial decisions.  As followers of Jesus, we want our spending, saving, investing and giving to be profoundly shaped by a faithful biblical vision.

Our reading of the Bible leads us to embrace an ethic that challenges the consumerism constantly seeping into our lives, and extends to us the privilege of making a difference in a world where every other person lives on less than $2 a day.  We believe that the Scripture’s many, complex teachings on wealth can be distilled into four prominent themes, the first two from the Old Testament, and latter from the New:

  • Wealth is a blessing: it is good!
  • Wealth must be distributed justly: since it is good, God wants society to be ordered so everybody has a fair chance to have some.
  • Wealth is dangerous: although it is good, it can do serious damage to our spiritual health.
  • Wealth is to be shared with the poor: it is our privilege and responsibility to share with those who have less than us.

Corresponding to these four biblical themes, we seek to grow in the following four lifestyle commitments:

  • Live gratefully: Regularly give thanks for the blessing of wealth.
  • Live justly: Continually analyze our spending patterns in order to consume more justly.
  • Live simply: Simplify our lifestyles by buying less for personal consumption.
  • Live generously: Intelligently and compassionately invest a significant portion of our income in the fight against global poverty.

In short, we believe that God is calling us to move together towards lifestyles of simple living for just giving.

But it’s not easy.  We’ve found that living this way is much more joyful and satisfying when we do it together. That’s why we started this blog—to create community and connections for folks who are striving to grow in economic discipleship.  If you resonate with this, we hope you’ll stop by often, share your experiences, and join us on the journey.

  • Many of us who post on this blog have been through a series of small groups that focus on economic discipleship. If you’d like to know more, check out Our Story.
  • Simple Living for Just Giving is edited by Gary VanderPol, Mako Nagasawa, and Ed Chang.  We would be happy to hear from you–please Contact Us.

We invite you to join us in living out these core values together!


One thought on “About

  1. Glad you wrote out the “vision” of the site and economic discipleship.

    I like that you guys have been just hammering at just giving and community. I feel like those two aspects have been key in helping me stay connected to the challenge of economic discipleship, instead of just completely selling out (which I thought I’d be at this point, instead I’m just mostly sold out now).

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