World Water Day

Every Tuesday in Lent we’re highlighting a different aspect of the global water crisis, so it’s very convenient that today is World Water Day.  (I wish I could say I planned that, but I can’t.)  Since the UN and every respectable NGO out there are doing their part to raise awareness, I thought I’d just post a few of the best links I found.  I’ve arranged them in a kind of Easy Ten Minute Guide to World Water Day.




from Sojourners:

In commemorating World Water Day, we pray especially for the millions who do not have access to clean water or who face regular water shortages. Millions of children die every year from preventable water-borne diseases, and it should not be so. On behalf of those who lack important resources, stir us to righteous anger and propel us to action, Lord. For your kingdom and for your glory, amen.

from the Ursuline order:

Creator God, whose Spirit moved over the face of the waters, who gathers the seas into their places and directs the courses of the rivers, who sends rain upon the earth that it should bring forth life; we praise you for the gift of water. We believe that water belongs to the earth and to all species. We believe that water must be conserved for all time. We believe that polluted water must be reclaimed.  We believe that water is a public trust to be guarded at all levels of government.  We believe that an adequate supply of clean water is a basic human right.  Create in us a sense of wonder and delight in this and all your gifts, that we might receive them with gratitude, care for them with love and generously share them with all your creatures, to the honour and glory of your holy name. Amen

from the WCC:

God of life, God of all those who walk miles for water, God of those whose only supply is contaminated, bringing death, not life: May water, clean and lifegiving, be available toevery living creature. May that vision move forward. May your will be done. Amen.


One thought on “World Water Day

  1. Happy World Water Day! I’m loving my second Tap Water Tuesday. Thanks for presenting this great idea.

    As a supplement to your post, another excellent and user-friendly resource on the global clean water crisis is available at

    Nika Water is an up-and-coming bottled water enterprise that donates 100% of its profits to clean water and poverty alleviation projects in developing countries such as Tanzania and Sri Lanka. It is also carbon-neutral and recycles one bottle for each bottle that it sells.

    I’ve met with the founder, Jeffrey Church, and believe that Nika does awesome work. One action we can take, therefore, is to choose to drink Nika over other bottled waters when possible or suggest that your local stores sell it. (Nika was founded in San Diego and is branching out into the East Coast, starting with Harvard Square, due to its HBS-Harvard College connections.)

    I fully recognize that there are those who balk at the idea of bottled water, and Nika doesn’t deny that tap water is more economic and environmentally friendly, but Nika bottled water _does_ present a tasteful and more prosocial and environmentally palatable alternative to, say, those who drink sodas, beers and non-water beverages (which are create a greater environmental impact _and_ produce a negative externality upon consumers’ health) and even other bottled water for which the proceeds are not going to clean water and poverty alleviation project. See for a more detailed explanation.

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