Simple Living Challenge Update

So tomorrow it begins.  Although right now we are, shall we say, a rather select group,  I want to say a huge thanks to those joining us for our Simple Living Challenge.  I’m anticipating learning a lot about my own consumption patterns as well as having a powerful daily reminder of the 800 million of God’s children who can’t just go to the faucet like I can.  That being said, I’m drinking everything in sight today!

And it’s not too late–if you’ve been considering participating, you can still sign on here.

Moreover, we’ve decided to add a new wrinkle to the Challenge:  for those of you who might feel that forty days is a bit much, why not join us for Tap Water Tuesdays?  Every Tuesday in Lent would be a tap-water-only day, and I’ll be publishing something on the water issue each Tuesday morning.  Tomorrow’s post: the de la Peña VanderPol family’s tap water vs. bottle water blind taste test….

Finally, I want to say how much I appreciate all other the creative ways I’ve heard different friends are celebrating Lent.  The World Vision campaign seems especially excellent.

3 thoughts on “Simple Living Challenge Update

  1. I’m also curious to hear what other people think about the process of only drinking tap water. Is it too difficult? Are people addicted to caffeine via coffee or Diet Coke? Do people strongly prefer the taste of bottled water to tap?

    As for myself, I think I can taste the difference between distilled water, regular bottled water, and tap. But I’ll have to run a blind taste test to find out!

  2. I’m really nervous about giving up my morning cup of coffee. Its so habitual for me and part of my routine when I first come into work. I think I’ll need another pattern to help me collect myself and get ready to start the day. I’m also expecting a nasty head ache tomorrow. Yet all my concerns seem really silly compared to someone who has no choice but to drink dirty water.

    • Thanks, Candace. I did a search for “overcome coffee withdrawal” and found a lot of suggestions. I hope things work out for you!

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