Solar Lanterns

I’ve been looking for ways to give to Pakistan since the floods earlier this year, since the U.N. called the Pakistan floods the worst humanitarian crisis in recent history, with more people affected than the South-East Asian tsunami and the earthquakes in Haiti and Kashmir combined.  I came across Eco Energy Finance which is distributing $12 solar lanterns in Pakistan made by Greenlight Planet.  These lanterns are clean energy sources.  They recharge in 4 hours of daylight and last for 16 hours.  They can replace kerosene lamps, which are environmentally costly and carry risks of accidental burning.  They provide badly needed light for rescue shelters and health clinics.  And they’re great in rural areas.

In the recent past, I’ve valued relief work but haven’t given there because I’m aware that ~95% of American charitable dollars given overseas goes to relief already.  But ideas like the solar lanterns catch my attention because they touch on larger issues (accessibility, environment, energy, health) and point us all towards technology for the future.  Anyone else know of ways to give like this?


5 thoughts on “Solar Lanterns

  1. Mako,

    Like you, I love this idea because of the way it deals with so many larger issues in one sustainable, accessible technology. For a great article from The Economist that discusses technology combining solar cooking stoves with solar lamps, click here.

  2. Mako, thanks for this! I went to but it seems that this site points to some sort of new/communications website called instead of a website for a nonprofit distributing solar light fixtures. The cached page looks like the correct website but for some reason the current website doesn’t reflect the cached page contents. Strange. Was this website hacked?

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